Pukhraj Gemstone

Who should wear a Pukhraj Stone

Who should wear Pukhraj Stone

By Pankaj Khanna

The gem of Jupiter is Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire. To empower Jupiter one should wear Pukhraj or Yellow sapphire in index finger.

Jupiter is a natural benefic planet and represents good fate and fortune, divine guidance, divine grace, education, power of speech and knowledge. The powerful Jupiter can take the native to the next level of achievement. When the planet Jupiter is debilitated and afflicted by the malefic planet it can bring Who should wear a Pukhraj Stonehumiliation in life and one can be even dishonest. Wearing a good Pukhraj helps us to provide strength to Jupiter The effect of Jupiter will be effective in your life if you are wearing Pukhraj gemstone. The rays of the planet Jupiter starts entering inside the body thereby improving your thoughts and expression.

Jupiter also represents continuation of the family tree, power of mantras, and guidance from Guru or preceptors, fame and public acclaim. The Jupiter also rules the senior members and elderly people of the family,to ensure their well being Pukhraj should be worn.

Pukhraj is usually used by the wise and intelligent people. The philosophers, surgeons, writers, teachers, speakers, politicians, and scientists are recommended to use Pukhraj to get outstanding achievement in life and career. Pukhraj improves the administrative abilities and influence in general. Pukhraj is good for people who are ambitious and want to have power in life

Pukhraj helps to achieve ambition in life in spite of different problems related to life. This gemstone is beneficial for those students who are appearing for IIT, IAS, and MBA etc.

Those who want stability and improvement in some areas should also wear pukhraj It is a well known fact that if an individual is having obstacles in getting married, one should wear a properly consecrated Pukhraj gemstone. This remedy will remove the obstacles in getting married and solve problem in their married life, improve love life etc.

Pukhraj can bring very effective result when you are running under the Mahadasha and Antardasha of Jupiter.

Many health issues can be resolved by the use of Pukharaj. Diseases like pancreas disorders, liver and skin problems, jaundice, tumors etc can be cured by wearing Pukhraj. Pukhraj also works as a medicine in heart attacks, unconsciousness and swelling problem. It has a best effect on any type of body pains.

Pukhraj is also recommended for wearing in following diseases caused by a weak Jupiter in the horoscope-these are poor memory, lack of interest in studies, obesity, hypocrisy, insanity, swellings of all kinds, liver problems.

There are many occasions when many people find their life is confined due to the affliction of the Jupiter. The use of Pukhraj is the prevailing custom in the astrological science.

As per Vedic Astrology, there are six ascendants those are highly recommended to use Pukhraj as one should always wear a Gem which empowers the lords of the ascendant, fifth and ninth houses and the planets placed in these houses.Because these are the points of Luck (bhagya) and it is amptly said that “the Lucky takes the best of the world-The strong and the very knowledgeable just stand and watch.”

The planet Jupiter rules two houses i.e. Sagittarius and Pisces . To strengthen your ascendant you should wear Pukhraj in index finger.

When your ascendant is Aries or Cancer then your ninth house ,the house of luck is ruled by Jupiter , the gem of Jupiter is Yellow Sapphire. To empower your fifth house you should wear Pukhraj in index finger.

When your ascendant is Leo or Scorpio then your fifth house is ruled by Jupiter , the gem of Jupiter is Yellow Sapphire. To empower your fifth house you should wear Pukhraj in index finger.

PUKHRAJ can be worn by all those who are looking for betterment and stability in some area of their lives. PUKHRAJ helps in achieving one’s ambitions despite the hurdles created by the environment.

The categories of people who should wear a PUKHRAJ is as under:

( a ). Candidates appearing in Competitive Examination,
( b ). Students aspiring for good grades in Academic Examination,
( c ). People with Political Ambitions,
( d ). Men & Women in business desiring wealth and recognition,
( e ). Those having problems in married live or love life.
( f ). Those in love and wanting go get married to a particular person,
( g ). Helps in expansion of family by marriage of children and by child birth.

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Pukhraj Gemstone
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