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Buy Pukhraj When you want to buy a Pukhraj it should be a logical decision. You should select a Trusted Shop and be sure that you are buying an unused PUKHRAJ – Make sure that the Shop is not buying used Gemstones of any kind because if a Shop is buying used Gemstones then you will be buying a used Pukhraj.

The value of PUKHRAJ is based on its Colour, Clarity, Luster and eight. Now let us understand what these four terms mean in reality:

Colour: A valuable Pukhraj shuld have an Eye Pleasing colour. Dull, lifeless Pukhraj is comparatively low valued and easily available. A good coloured natural colour of Pukhraj is a valuable property and determines the market demand as well as the value of Pukhraj.

Luster: A Pukhraj with a good luster will always command a high price. Remember that Precious Gemstones like Ruby and Emerald if have a sparkle will be rare and hence costly. Gemstones with little or no luster will be cheaper.

Weight: Bigger a PUKHRAJ higher price it commands for the same quality. Pukhraj of 11 carat and above will command extra ordinary price. This holds good for all the Gemstones.

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