Treated Yellow Sapphire
Treated Pukhraj
(Treated Pukhraj)
Natural Yellow Sapphire
Natural Yellow Sapphire
(Natural Pukhraj)
Pukhraj Gemstone

Pukhraj stone

It is one of the most sought after “Precious Gemstone” in India. It is often used in names as parents find their children as important as this Gem. Many famous personalities like – Mallika Pukhraj, Pukhraj Singh Tomar, PUKHRAJ Jeet Singh have Pukhraj as part of their names.

The PUKHRAJ is considered to be the Gemstone of JUPITER. In Hindu Astrology Jupiter is the planet that signifies all material wealth, fame and respect that the person commands. This is precisely what everyone is craving for – so this Gemstone is widely recommended across the globe where Hindu Astrology is practiced.

PUKHRAJ is an eye soothing and rich looking Gemstone. If is seen in the hands of majority of the ambitious people who want to raise their position in life. Worn in right hand index finger it looks like a dress code in top administrative meeting which are attended by IAS, IPS, Ministers and Army Top Brass.

This is acquired by candidates appearing for IAS, Judicial Services, IIT, MBA etc

This is the Ruler of zodiac sign Pieces i.e., Meena and Sagittarius i.e., Dhanu so those who have these signs as Ascendant or Moon Sign must wear this Gemstone.

This Gemstone is additionally recommended for people who have Jupiter placed in their Ascendant, Fifth House or Ninth House.

I have been recommending Pukhraj i.e., Yellow Sapphire since very beginning of my career as an Astrologer – I have seen amazing results of this sacred Gemstone in three areas of life:
1.  Happy Married life,
2.  Professional Success,
3.  Wealth accumulation.

Pukhraj is a Saatvic Gemstone it develops positive energy in the person. This Gemstone helps without fail in: 1.  Development of Mental Powers,
2.  Education,
3.  Desire for Education,
4.  Success in Academic, Professional and Competitive Examination.

Pankaj Khanna

PUKHRAJ Pukhraj Gemstone

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E - Quality - Rs. 1100/Rt.
F - Quality - Rs. 8100/Rt.  
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Pukhraj Gemstone


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